What is Freedom?

In theory western democracy enshrines some constitutional freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom to congregate, freedom of worship and freedom of belief. In practice these are more than a little eroded. George Orwell has pointed this out. And today some of his speculations are tinged with reality. There is relative freedom, but this only goes so far. Even here in the UK there have been instances of suppression. And our freedoms are often enforced abroad, by munitions. These freedoms in principle suggest tolerance and inclusion, but there remains intolerance and exclusion. Although the constitution suggests otherwise, the populace can differ in behaviour and attitude. In this context, at best, freedom is an unrealised ideal. If you want to nit-pick you could say we are free, well free as compared to some totalitarian state. In nit-picking you may have missed the word relative.

Whilst there is freedom when compared to the old practices of serfdom and slavery, that apparent freedom is qualified by monetary supply. If you have money there are more options open to you. Freedom then allows one to pursue a means of money supply, so as to live. If one has money one can buy a house and a car. According to ability one might be free to pursue a career. We can marry should we seek to and divorce when and if the time comes. There are a lot of freedoms compared to yesteryear.

Despite all this and because of modern electronic communications the apparent necessity of conforming has increased. Non-conformity is punished in bytes and proliferated at speed. Human mind is connected like never before. And unless you can unplug, it just keeps on coming at you; down wires, along fibres or through the air.

My own understanding of freedom has changed over the years, it used to be based in some vague notion of social justice. But that isn’t it. It goes past that now. I’ll guess that each has their own notion of freedom, if they have considered it at all. And it is not for me to define it for others.

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What is Freedom?


What’s freedom babe ?

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