Too Good, Too Well, Too Pure

If someone does something too good, too well or too purely, how do we react?

It is rare enough, so most often there is a stunned silence, a pause before any reaction can occur. We may applaud. Then depending upon our natures, we start looking for an explanation or some way to fault. The easiest option is to completely ignore what happened. It is fine to be good or to do something well even to express some purity in whatever. But should it stray too far, then it does not sit so well. If we are insecure we compare ourselves badly to any fleeting moment of excellence. There can be a tendency to cut the tall poppy down for having temerity. In the world of conditioned things, there is a condition and that is that one cannot be too… It simply isn’t allowed that is unless there are already established precedents or some other socially accepted excuse so that excellence can be excused and seen as anomalous. It is strange. Eccentricity is allowed in those deemed by prior provenance to be exceptional.

If one does something inconsistent with status, this is almost taboo. One can’t have a student outshining a professor, for example. It sits uneasy with status and Ego. Upstarts must be crushed, in some people’s eyes. Granny, an expert in egg sucking, does not need advice nor news of the latest egg sucking hack, even if it is most excellent. Granny may not be quite as wise as she deems and the last thing she would want is to be put out of the egg sucking business by some new disruptive technology. Perceived societal status is included in the set of conditioned things and should you, like Jesus, wash the feet of a “whore”, it does not wash so well with those inclined to status worship. It was a most excellent demonstration on his part, one that is rumoured to have caused apoplexy.

Because snobbery abounds, people have a whole bunch of ideas about what is appropriate. And if one does something such as pumping gas, too good, too well and too purely, people will look for other explanations. They will see a story which isn’t actually there because it is convenient so to do. As a rule people cannot see beyond their own motivations and so they transfer them, they assume a commonality of aspiration which may or may not be there.