Following on slightly from the previous post and relating to grandiloquence, and appearance; one could save both money and column inches by advertising in a more concise manner. For example:

“We are looking for someone to submit to REF in the area of Nanomaterials. The applicant must enhance our REF ranking. End of…

P.S. It would be nice if you could do a bit of admin. and teaching without causing undue havoc.”

This is so straightforward, to the point and accurate. Yet nobody has the balls to advertise like this, there has to be some long blurb. There is a lack of focus and a perceived need for PR. This can result in a lot of time wasting. I am not a Yorkshireman, but I have in the past believed in speak as I find. Ergo, I am here today.

I could be closeted about my views, or I could simply walk way. The nasal joints of so many are easily put out and that has consequences.

Here is a visual image for the over use of comparative mind, which can set hard quite quickly. It is reinforced by the iron bars of various metrics to give rise to rigid structures. If there was only a little more honesty and self-knowledge with less pretence. I don’t get upset by bottom line thinking but some do, even the ones who pretend not to have it.

It is a weird old world…..