Glamour Illusion and Underbelly

Many perceive that Hollywood is glamorous, or that the life of a rock star is great, even that the world of politics is attractive it being about helping people and not power. This glamour, this hype, does not accurately portray the underbelly of reality. Of late we have heard a lot more about this underbelly, certainly in the entertainment industry. It demonstrates that it is not about compassion to all sentient beings. Being all starry-eyed by the glamour enables one to be dragged into the dark underbelly. Power does weird shit to people and it does not always bring out the best in them, simple as. Common “sense” is often put to one side when something “shiny” is on offer. If you are lusting after fame, then strategically you have a weak point, which can be easily manipulated, but oh that shiny, how it shines. People are very attracted to and mesmerised by glamour. Now we have a royal wedding to distract us from the Brexit tedium. People will pay more money for glamour than for reality.

Please note I am not using glamour in a positive sense here.

The glamour as it is presented to us only shows one side though we occasionally get salacious bits of gossip, to add a little spice. The ideals presented to us of say celebrity, are not accurate but skewed.  Why do so many celebrities have personal “car crashes” so to speak, if that lifestyle is a nirvanic bliss? But that shiny, oh how it shines. Humanity plays a confidence trick upon itself. Like never before we have illusion after illusion and it can be found on all sides. Maybe I am simply a kill-joy? Or perhaps that joy is not really there in the first place. We can turn and pout on the catwalk, pay our plastic surgery bills and enter into devil’s bargains to get power. It is absolutely fabulous darling…

The draw of the “shiny” applies in varying extents to us all. It may be, success is ….. ; fill in the word or phrase of choice. It may be fame, kudos, money, sex, you name it. I’ll make a hypothesis and it goes something like this:

Associated with every glamour there is an underbelly, which is not seen whilst the glamour lures.

To the extent that people make choices, it is up to each individual to want to see how glamour and thereby illusion works in their lives. The glamour and the shiny for one person, does not transfer to another. Sometimes the scales have to fall from the eyes so that one can see the underbelly. Only then does one get a balanced view. When one has a balanced view one makes better choices, blinded by the “shiny” choices are not so good. Objectivity is better than wishful bias.

Here are some questions which point at glamour:

What for me is the shiny?

What am I glamoured by?

Am I missing sight of the underbelly because of the shine of my glamours?