Last night we watched a dating show “First Dates”, it can be funny. In the episode last night, a woman of a certain age, who from what she said was keen to have children, met what seemed to be a nice, self-aware man. She was looking for love, allegedly. It all seemed to be going well, until the man announced that he had had a vasectomy. He was open to a reversal and to increasing his family. But that was the end of that. This woman had a red line. Bearing in mind the previous post, it was my estimation that he would have had a lot of work on his hands, but he was keen to explore further, she not. In being overly picky she missed out. This little vignette plays out in differing forms all over the place.

Since quitting Imperial ~11 years ago, I have had less than a handful of job interviews. There are preconditions which I fail to meet. In that time, I have had two job offers, one which I pulled out of and the other I resigned from after a few weeks because, as far as I can tell, I wasn’t working out for them. These preconditions specify various things and unless you meet the spec. that is it. There are a lot of preconditions in the minds of man. It is as if there is a criterion spreadsheet continually active. I have only one criterion; as low a knobhead number density as is possible. I don’t care about salary or status. This precondition is surprisingly hard to meet.

Recently I suggested to someone I once knew a little, that I am unemployable. He wasn’t convinced. But that is what the experimental evidence strongly suggests. Besides I am now more than a little feral these days. I may not look feral, especially when suited and booted, but I am. I take a few sniffs of the air and then I am off. Despite my nature, I still have ability.

This is all by the by, what I am getting at is this concept of precondition. If you notice it has a conditional sense, it therefore pertains to conditioning and conditioned things. These days criteria are important, if only in the minds of men. I’ll hypothesise that because of criteria, people miss out on a whole bunch of stuff. Things that meet the criteria will have familiarity about them and some preconditioned idea of goals, such as the woman in the dating show. Goal blind, she missed; with white line fever, she failed to score.

It is related to guarantee and warranty, the prove it to me before I buy, mentality. With this brief illustration done, here are a few questions:

Have I ever let my preconditions stop me from doing something?

In over defining criteria have I missed what I actually needed?

Have I ever lost something or someone, because of my preconditions?

Have I something of the control junkie about me?

Am I overly picky?