Winter Fuel, Pheasant and Stoat

Yesterday we had 2 cubic metres of wood delivered, it is now mostly stacked in the shed. Strangely, the floor seems a long way away today and putting socks on isn’t so easy. There is a nice healthy ache in this body.

This afternoon the male pheasant is hanging out next to the chicken coop, again. He seems to like all the ladies there. Maybe he fancies a bit of cross species action? He doesn’t yet have a harem of his own.

And at last, I saw stoaty mc-stoat-face again! I haven’t seen him for a while and wondered if the anti-rat poison put around the farm had gotten him. But no, there he was, he ran between the hay barn and another. I was wondering why the squirrels had been a bit more jittery today, now I know.

I have finished rough editing the 100,000 word xml file and now, I have some 170,000 words on the general theme of karma. This needs a factor of three reduction.

I have been thinking of other titles “Enjoy Your Next Life” and “A Compendium of Games People Play” and “Science Meets Raja Yoga”.

The idea of the games book is to have a chapter for each game. For example, we could have “The Internet Stalking Game”. This is a modern game, and many do it to some extent. In this they “research” others whilst remining covert and then never mention to the person they are stalking that they have been stalking them. Sometimes they slip up and give the game away. It is an insidious game which creates much suspicion.

“Science Meets Raja Yoga” would take a long time, but it might just be a seller…