Bit of a Strange Year…

At this time of year, I tend to do something of a review…and this one has been a bit odd.

The early part of the year was overshadowed by the deterioration and death through metastatic cancer of my father-in-law. Towards the end he shrunk and faded. He passed away in a cancer terminal care hospice. They were wonderful.

A few months later I had my two-year post-op CT scan and colonoscopy. No signs of bowel cancer recurrence or metastatic disease. It took a while to get the results but that brought to the fore the question; “what shall I do with the rest of this earthly sojourn?”

It was slightly freaky being in a terminal care hospice talking with someone dying of cancer and me being strong for others, given the circumstances. I saw the (my) cancer guys again fairly recently and they don’t want to see me again until May ’18. I shall look forward to some more high Z contrast agent and another visit from the chimney sweep.

For the early part of the year I was busy doing A level science tutorials, physics and chemistry, much as I have done these last five years or so.

I passed my first Aikido grading, I am now a yellow belt..quake in fear…This is a very enjoyable thing to do…

Over the summer I looked into quantum computing and quantum cryptography. I read shed loads of papers and patents. This caused a few headaches as the grey matter was reactivated. I briefly explored if it was possible to get funded to do a start-up. I had one patentable idea and a couple of maybes. I looked into patent costs and spoke with a number of patent firms.  If I wasn’t going to use the patent, there is no point in paying for one. There is no point in having a vanity patent. My assessment was that because I lack recent track record and that key-man insurance for me would be prohibitively high, this is a no go. In any case my idea was more research stage than a business plan. There is no way for me to apply for research funding. People in France and Germany were very helpful and encouraging, I found this refreshing. I had formed a company, as a vehicle, just in case and have now dissolved it. Being old-fashioned I have a big pile of paper as a result and that may be heading in the direction of the shredder. I haven’t thought about any of this for a couple of months now. I had that weird dream recently…

I have made provisional inquiries about several jobs, only two have had the courtesy to get back to me. This kind of thing pisses the wife off enormously, she thinks it rude.

I haven’t restarted tutorials this autumn, but have self-published a book. I am about 7% into writing another one.

I still have no answer to the question. I shall have to decide whether or not to reactivate my tutor profile before the new year. There are usually a lot of inquiries and business early on in the year. The year on year demand for tutors seems to be rising.