Out of Proportion – Over Reacting

Once you are sure that you are being attacked by a highly trained ninja assassin armed with poison tipped shuriken, it is likely that you will be paranoid and over reactive. Strange as it may seem, these days and in the UK, the number density of active ninja assassins is pretty low, or so it is rumoured. In all likelihood, you have lost the plot. But that doesn’t stop the paranoia. Fearful of ninja assassins it is likely that you will over react and blow things out of proportion. The slightest noise in the house and it is a clear indication that a ninja attack is imminent.

Having taken the piss ever so slightly as an illustration, I am pointing at a state of mind, which is not uncommon.

Once you start to see {imagine} attack on all sides, you will be disproportionate in your reaction and your touch with reality, not so good. Many people live like this and not simply those who have smoked too much skunk. I have met “successful” people continually beset by hordes of metaphorical ninja assassins. It makes them a bit nasty and not pleasurable to be around. They sow seeks of paranoia. Their edginess is catching and before long everyone around them is on edge, with one eye open for a shuriken in flight.

For most people this “always under attack” mentality is unwarranted and is a form of selective perception. The red mist of selective perception has them and they lack clarity and perspective. They circle the wagons, become closed and aggressively defensive. It must be hard work to live like that.

I’ll hazard a guess that most of us have over reacted in our lives, and that everyone has blown something out of proportion. Getting an accurate sense of proportion and perspective, is a key to equanimity. The problems come when the escalating drama goes into a chain reaction, one drama feeds others and before you know it, you are oscillating about in chaotic motion.

There is a very simple antidote and it is to take a deep breath and ask yourself, “have I perhaps gotten this a little out of proportion?” Try it, it works. That is unless your drama queen tiara beckons too strongly and off you trot in search of your next BAFTA or Oscar.

“Have I perhaps gotten this a little out of proportion?” is a good mantram / question.


“What was that noise?”

“Oh shit, it is those pesky ninjas again……”