Taking the Piss

The most important and deeply secret skill required on the road to freedom, is taking the piss. By this I mean the ability to take the piss out of yourself and otherwise chuckle at some of the ludicrous things you do, believe and say. It is called folly because it can be very funny.

Once you lose this ability / skill the prognosis is not good. It means that you are in the terminal phase of cranio-rectal disease. There is no cure for this as yet, though advances are being made in gene blocking technologies. Death from terminal cranio-rectal disease is prolonged and without any joy. It is a very serious affliction.

The problem with many approaches to learning and freedom, is that they can take themselves overly seriously, they might speak of themselves in bated breath. A rigid po-faced approach can be without heart and it imbues a degree of self-righteousness, one of things which one needs to eliminate.

The yoga of taking the piss out of oneself is a very powerful yoga, it works on increasing flexibility of mind and fluidity of thinking. It can even make you laugh šŸ™‚