Ego Stroking

Many have this need for being buttered up or metaphorically having their arse licked. Maybe they should be in “Last Tango in Paris” or go down to Sub-station South on “Underpants” night? Joking aside this Ego stroking is an often-expected part of social interchange. If you don’t do it, people are nonplussed, they can get upset or hurt. This need for flattery is strong in some. It can stem from insecurity but also has other causes. I personally don’t get it. It is odd. It is related to the game of top trumps which some are so fond of. The problem is that if you are needy of and susceptible to flattery, you might end up shaging some pretty strange people.

The need for some preamble seems important. I have been at networking events and people have told me of their marvels and I haven’t praised them. I don’t stroke their ego or anything else for that matter. Usually I have researched well beforehand. I wonder when are we going to get to the point, the crux. But no there is this dance. I haven’t subscribed to “Strictly Come Dancing” so why must we do this ritual sniffing. I am not a lamp post, and neither are you. I don’t care which posts you may / may not have pissed on.

This is a part of the secret world of introverts. Why can’t people simply get to the point? Like Jimmy, I believe that when time is short it is best not to waste it.