Ghosts and Other Intangibles

I am going to change tack now and this is prompted by the events of yesterday and a dream I had last night. Yesterday was an example of synchronicity, I was writing on the blog about buttering up and then went into town, lo and behold someone tried to butter me up. One cannot prove a causal link, but I am providing some anecdotal evidence, albeit sketchy, for synchronicity. This is an intangible and not really suitable for quantitative measurement. In my position I do not need to preserve scientific credibility any longer, because whatever I say here will not harm my job prospects any more. So why not?

I have long been interested in the workings of mind. If one uses MBTI, then I am an INFJ. Which means that introverted intuition is big in me. In fact, I scored top of the scale for this. Incidentally, despite the rarity of this type, the wife has been banging into an unrepresentative number of these INFJ weirdos of late. Statistically INFJs are the rarest of all types. When does introverted intuition become psychic, clairvoyant, savant, seer or hallucinatory? It is a moot point.

I have done a lot of meditation and a while back I bought myself a frontal lobe EEG, which measured electroencephalograms by using a fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm. Before I started using it, I wanted to understand its signal to noise characteristics. I took it apart, inspected the circuitry and downloaded the patent from Espacenet. I know a fair bit about instrument design and a bit about FFT. Happy that I understood the instrument I began experimenting, recording video and EEG data simultaneously. Like a mad scientist I tested it out on family and friends. The samples were not large, but sufficient to give indications. I kept lab books. What I found is that I can pretty much flat-line an EEG. There is only residual very low frequency and amplitude signal. The same “signature” is achieved doing Toltec dreaming practice and mantra induced Raja yoga states. Though the path to these states is different. I have very low wakeful EEG activity consistent with a reduced chitta and this is low compared to some others allegedly skilled in meditation. This machine works via the electromagnetic force and is therefore suited to only those things in which there is a change in this force for whatever reason. It says absolutely nothing about the quality of state attained. It measures a tangible, but that tangible does not speak in depth about an intangible. I can turn alpha and beta states on and off pretty much at will which suggests, though does not prove, that I have some control over my mind.

I’ll make a statement here and it goes something like this; it is from the intangibles in life that the quality of living stems, the je ne sais quoi is what gives life meaning and depth, they make life more exciting than scheduled and acquisitional living. If one is bold one could say that feelings change life from monochrome into HD. These intangible and unmeasurable things are the true richness of life. Overly rational mind is a bit barren.

Now in many there is a disconnect. The rational, evidence based scientist, does not often believe in ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. To admit such is to face ridicule. But put such a being in an old creaky house at night, alone, and the surety of their position may falter. They say one thing but when the hackles on the back of the neck rise, they are unconvinced by their rationalisation. They profess and opine one thing, but…

Traditionally ghosts are seen as remnants of beings once alive. There are a lot of paranormal programmes on TV which speak of demons and demonic portals from other dimensions. In some of these people use instruments. I’ll hazard a guess that these demon hunters don’t understand their instruments all that well. This subject sells, it sells movies and books, there is a fascination.

It would be interesting do a poll to find out what proportion of the population have seen a ghost or something supernatural. I personally have been aware of dead people on a number of occasions. My experiences do not match any movie portrayal.

There are other kinds of ghost of a more metaphorical nature. These are the ghosts of the living, of the missing and of unrealised potential. I am going to term these intangibles karmic ghosts (vide infra). These ghosts also haunt us.

It is in this intangible, the mystery beyond solution and past a solid evidential base where life gets interesting. Rarely is it spoken of, maybe after a few glasses of wine around an open fire, it is mentioned tentatively as a test. If the ground is fertile, people open up a little more.

I have now cued up the intangible, ghosts and karmic ghosts. If I can verbalise it, I’ll return to the latter first.