The Gift of Power

Today, in one way or another, I have been alluding to the gift of power, power in the sense of knowledge or potential knowledge. When Carlos met Juan, (see earlier) he felt the urge to try to sell himself and spin the depth of his knowledge to Juan. Little did Carlos know of the events that were starting to unfold. Carlos being more than a little full of himself very nearly missed forever what was to be a life changing experience for him and as it turned out later, many other people. One never knows for sure when a gift of power is right under our noses. Many times, we squander these gifts even when they might be available to us. In this sense power or knowledge does not feel the need to oversell itself. If you are asleep you may miss it. Which shows that you are not yet ready for it.

There is some kind of prejudice in regard of how power or knowledge might dress itself and the locations where it might be found. Certain kinds of knowledge might be found in say universities, other kinds in monasteries and yet further types on a building site. Knowledge comes in many different flavours. Two men who taught me a great deal were called Spider and Tembo {elephant}, they were house servant and gardener respectively. I was less than 13 and they were ~ 50 and ~70. As a child they let me sit with them. When other men came to consult them, the wise men, I a white boy, got to sit in on occasion. Quite why they did this was a mystery. We just sat under the tree.

There was a trend for indigenous knowledge a while back. It has perhaps passed its peak in popularity, but wisdom is wisdom and in some cases, it stretches way back. It touches something else. Many look down their noses at this kind of thing.

Who people are willing to learn from, is often related to status. People won’t take “lessons” from others unless they are of a higher “status” and even then, some resist. The person from whom we might learn must be recognised as a bona fide expert, for some peculiar reason. And so, we might get into a status pissing contest. How we measure that status is moot. The thing is that one of the things we might need to learn, is that status isn’t everything. Which is a lesson we may never avail ourselves of, if we have a status fixation. These days qualifications are big news, they do say something. But there is a tendency to forget that qualified can also mean limited. I do not have qualified teacher status, but I am pretty good at teaching A level science. I am not limited to that level alone.

There is a potential gift of power in many situations where we might expect there to be none. A Ph.D. in chemical physics does not help over much in unloading a hay wagon. But I learned a great deal in working with my neighbour to do this. It was bloody hard work and rhythm was the answer. To be perennially alert for the gift of power is to harvest what the universe offers us. It need not be dressed all fancy and with postnominals.

On so many occasions I have offered, and that offer has been brushed aside. The person doing the brushing discarded a gift of power often because of perceived status and sometimes because it did not present in quite the way they expected.

In this respect it is sometimes useful to consider why a being comes into your life. There may be a face value explanation and there may be a deeper one. If you are hooked to the face value, you may well miss the truer deeper meaning. If someone appears in your life, then in one way or another you have called them forth. What might be the gift of power or knowledge? It may take a while to find out.

If you are looking for the gift of power, without obsessing and having massive internal dialogue about it, then it might make itself known. You could argue that this is an elaborate way of saying to be open minded. It is, but there are things other than intellect too, strangely enough.

Even in the apparently darkest of situations, a gift of power, can be found. The universe has a bounty of learning, to offer us. This can manifest in our fellow beings for us to see, should we be awake and willing.

The gift of power does not always come wrapped and with our name tag on it. Not all gifts come from DHL or Parcel Force. And the person bearing the gift may have no status whatsoever.