Evolving a Fate

Depending upon your preference in belief about predetermination you will either be susceptible to the notion of fate or not. In some cultures, fate is more acceptable, in others, people don’t like the notion. Those who consider themselves masters of their own destiny may find it a conceptual anathema. In Islam, if God wills it, is a regular parlance. The hand of destiny might help to win a football world cup. Colloquially people still refer to fate and we have the star-crossed lovers as a literary theme. My own personal belief is that when each of us are born we have a fate to fulfil. And the sum over all fates, each successive lifetime, comprises our ongoing destiny as an evolving being. We can either evolve our fate or struggle against it. How we evolve that fate is dependent upon the contextual and circumstantial conditions we find ourselves in. Some aspects of a fate are possible, others are not. Fate is not rigid hard and fast, it is more of a thematic flavour, a set of life-lessons we need to learn. Fates interact, and it is the interaction of these fates which determines the level of possibility. If you don’t evolve your fate it may not be possible for me to evolve mine and vice versa.

Fate then can approach a node at which a life can either go one way or another. The broad lessons to be learned remain the same, the means and colour of the lessons changes, at these nodes. My life was on one trajectory and heading in a particular direction, then suddenly it changed direction. The people around me and our interaction made it impossible for my fate to continue to evolve in the direction it was then heading. Over the summer I tested to see if a remnant of that aspect of fate was possible, it isn’t or does not look to be. Because that aspect of fate cannot now be evolved, all the interdependencies are also impossible. I cannot now manifest anything pertaining to that part of fate and there are fateful consequences arising from this lack of manifestation. A part of my potential cannot be realised, made real. It is nobody’s fault per se, it just simply is what it is.

As things stand it looks like I am going to go back to tutoring, blogging and self-publishing. This is what looks to be currently fated for me. I have done a complete life review and can see the hand of fate at work, there. I currently have no long-distance sight as to what my fate comprises. I have a mild hypothesis that this is because I was meant to die of cancer and now that I haven’t, there isn’t much left on my dance card. The surgical intervention, changed the course of my fate. It is only a mild hypothesis. Fate has many quirks and only time will tell, time is a good story teller after all, one of the best.

Having cued up this notion of fate here are some questions:

What is my best guess at the life lessons I incarnated so as to learn?

What does the broad scope of my fate so far, look like?

Am I cooperating with my fate or seeking to avoid it?