Are You Scared by Death and Dying?

This is a good question and points at many things. For many the answer is yes. Quite how they come by that answer will vary. Death is the last frontier of our mundane existence and beyond lies the unknown. No matter how much bravado we have, or how much we opine, death is the acid test. It can make us shit bricks, or we can approach it calmly. I have sat with someone close to death earlier this year. It doesn’t and didn’t freak me out. Sat here this rainy afternoon, I do not fear death and back when they prepared me for theatre, I did not fear it then. My orientation may change but I doubt it. I will still not be keen on pain.

We do not hold our own death close enough so that it might advise our actions. For death is the sharpest of all bullshit knives, it slices through bullshit like a kilowatt laser. It is for most somewhere off in the distance, an inevitability to be ignored. The human mind can pretend many things to itself, it can justify and excuse. Quite how or why we fail to face this inevitability is a mystery. We can con ourselves but only for so long. When we sense the breath of death on our hackles, all of a sudden out comes the bullshit knife and it slashes. In my view it is healthier to acknowledge our deaths and ask them for advice. “If this were my last day on earth would I really behave like such a dickhead?” But few have such a level of clarity.

If we examine our relationship with death, there is much to learn.

Here are some questions pertaining:

Am I scared of dying?

If so, why?