Hop Skip and Jump

You will learn the integrated communication methods as you complete the next step in your mental education. This is a gestalten function which will overlay data paths in your awareness, resolving complexities and masses of input from the mentat index-catalogue techniques which you have already mastered. Your initial problem will be the breaking tensions arising from the divergent assembly of minutiae/data on specialized subjects. Be warned. Without mentat overlay integration, you can be immersed in the Babel Problem, which is the label we give to the omnipresent dangers of achieving wrong combinations from accurate information.

–The Mentat Handbook


Last night after watching a film “In Bruges” I had a sensation that it was possible for people to take my posts from yesterday and come up with a wrong conclusion, that I was perhaps contemplating suicide. As it was we had a nice evening in front of the log fire watching an absorbing film. In the film at the end, the chief gangster blows the head off a dwarf dressed in a school uniform with a dum-dum bullet. He assumes that he has killed a child, and so terminates his own life. He never bothered to check, he saw a small headless corpse dressed as a child and concluded. He did the “conclusions” triple jump. He skipped the step of verification.

I have seen less gory versions of this play out on numerous occasions. People make an observation, take a perceptual hop, they skip the step of checking their input and then jump to a conclusion. Time and again people skip. Quite why they do this, beats me, but it is an observation I have made. In fact, the tendency to do the “conclusions” triple jump has some correlation with intelligence, the more “intelligent” someone is, the more likely are they to do the triple jump. It is related, a little, to self-perceived degree of omniscience.

The face value of the situation, is not the same as reality and our conclusions are subject to premature conviction. Always be mindful of the “conclusions” triple jump and make sure that time is spent on verification, that skip, it can cause all kinds of problems…..