At End of Days – Illusion

First to add to the above quote, if one sees this with wisdom and turns away from being besotted with conditioned things, it will limit what you can do in the contextual environment of our modern times. If you drop the buy-in to the illusion you will no longer fit, and you will freak people out. Rather people will freak themselves out, about you. Being non-attached it won’t make you suffer, you will see it for what it is. You might think that it is a bit silly, the extent of buy-in, but there is not a lot you can do about it. We must respect the journey of other beings. If you are being true to the sentiment, you cannot allow conditioned things thinking to seep its way back in. And if you sense an equality of all beings you cannot doff your cap to those who consider themselves somehow elevated, to do this would be to encourage them in their thinking.

It follows that pretty soon you will fail to meet the conditions or requirements of the world of conditioned things. And even should you have something which might be needed in that world or from which it could benefit, the conditions are paramount. You will find friction with the world of conditioned things and its insistence on those conditioned things and when push comes to shove, the conditions hold sway. Even those who consider themselves Buddhists get stuck at this core teaching because the world of conditioned things and thinking, is very hard to shake. One is left with the prospect of utter cessation of striving to do things in the world of conditioned things and simply to disappear into the silent forest.

Given an open mind, you must countenance that at the end of days even this thinking on conditioned things is an illusion. At the acid test of death, you will be able to discern if the practical application of a core teaching has been warranted and fruitful, despite the “hardship” it has caused both you and others. Because in coming up against the world of conditioned things you will have caused some friction therein and added to “suffering” thereby. Then and only then will you find out 100%. What you will have experienced is reduced mental angst, a sense of clarity and peace, along the way. But your compassion for all beings, will have caused you some grief because in rubbing up against the world of conditioned things you can ascertain that you cause some dismay, in that world. And this hurts a little.

You can only hope that other beings, retrospective at their end of days, understand. And that maybe they see that their insistence on the world of conditioned things has caused them grief too. Perhaps this is the groundwork, the preparation they might need, for the next life. Maybe you have dented the illusion, just a little and in so doing, sowed a seed of some kind or another.