Potentially Significant

Before I go ahead and do something which I cannot undo, I need to pause. In the world today, there is much investment in so called Quantum Technologies. There is interest in Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computing and the monies being invested runs to billions globally. It is a hot topic and all the major economies are investing as are the technology giants. Somehow, I find myself here, contemplating this. There is not a lot I can do to change this situation.

A core or key enabling technology for this kind of endeavour has a potential for massive commercial impact. And from what the site stats tell me only a very few people in the world will even know that I have done this. It is possible that the surreptitious and the sneaky are monitoring what I do. If I do this the so far “imaginary” commercial value of this technology will not belong to anyone. It will be open source. It has the potential to be a significant act. It might, speculating wildly, become historically significant. In doing this I would be downgrading the perceived value because there is no commercial exclusivity associated. It might kill the idea stone dead.

Now I could be a crazy son of a bitch tinkering in my shed. But I have picked things before. This idea of mine may not actually work. I do not have the money or the facility to test it myself. Perhaps in getting it off my desk I can close a chapter called 2017. It will perhaps be an obscure act in an obscure corner of the internet that will fade further into obscurity. There is however a very small non-zero possibility that it might not.

Who knows what kind of internet search protocols are active? It is likely that the key words above are being monitored, but I hardly top the search engine rankings. It might raise questions should I do this, it might not. Who can say?

Maybe I’ll consult the I Ching and see what it advises.