Moral Dilemmas

This week we have seen the “forced” resignation of Damian Green over porn-gate in the House of Commons. Yesterday I saw a journalist explaining that he had “failed to disclose the truth” and she said that this was different from “lying”. And now the establishment is out for blood and already saying that it would be great if he could come back, presumably after a few months in the wilderness. He must do his public relations penance and then he can get back to failing to disclose the truth. His pals have rallied around him and they seek to punish the temerity of those who dared infringe or upset the applecart. Yah..what a truly  honourable bunch we have in charge, rather than being magnanimous they are being petty and spiteful. And this, is leadership….

As an interesting aside my computer has reported an IP address conflict this morning, apparently another computer on this farmhouse network now has the same IP address as the one I am typing on. Sounds a bit fishy to me. We live in a fairly isolated spot…It could be a sign of some shenanigans given the timing in relation to the patents post, or it could be nothing.

The universe, God or karma, tests us from time to time. It offers us moral dilemmas, at these we can so often be offered choice between “the right thing” and expedience. I’ll wager that most go for expedience and in so doing they die a little. In humans there is an innate knowing as to what “the right thing” is, yet the ability to silence this knowing with justifications, explanations and excuses is large and well-practised. A line is crossed, the slippery slope beckons and off we go. This innate knowing whispers to us when we are about to cross a line, faced with the need for courage or the more comfortable expedience, which do you choose? It is action and choice in and around these moral dilemmas that marks us as beings, it speaks of our mettle and our moral fibre. The more we collude, the more often we cross the line. For if one of our pals crosses the line, we are asked to cross it with them in their defence. We may help to cover up their misdeeds. In the grand scheme of things having a wank over some porn is not that unusual, but to try to cover it up and lie and scheme about it is so much worse. We might speculate that the behaviours of Green are commonplace amongst his pals and that “failure to disclose the truth” is a norm and just dandy, so long as you don’t get caught. And if you do, then; “oh shit now we had better do something in PR terms so that it looks like we are addressing this problem. The bastards have made US do this! Imagine that, US! We’ll learn ‘em.” It is all a bit shabby and seedy and off. But to the “entitled” person it makes sense.

The difference between “failure to disclose the truth” and “lying” is nuanced, but not nuanced in a good way. So often it is at moments of moral dilemma when we welcome in, the first faint odour of sulphur. Thereafter its crystals grow.

Having cued this up

Have I ever faced one or more moral dilemma?

What choices did I make?

Beyond the justifications how did that make me feel, deep down?

Have I ceased caring?