Investing Time

Yesterday I spoke a little about how looking at finances can provide some clarity. This was to start into the theme of investing. If one looks at how one invests time, one can get a great deal of clarity about how one is living. The idea lies aback a coaching tool. It allows one to see what are the ”priorities” in life.  Although I have said things like “shit happens” I am surprisingly focussed and organised. We can look at this from the ideas of spending time and investing time. If you like spending can be wasting whereas investing is less so. If you spend a lot of time being defensive and posturing, you may well be wasting a whole bunch of time. I guess the trick is to use your time well and in a meaningful way.

I think it fair to say we live in the age of gobshites and bullshit, there are a lot of gobshites and they do a lot of bullshitting. It can help people “advance” and many invest in bullshit, it is attractive somehow. People buy it, they trade it. Like birds in a nest demanding worms, there is much attention seeking these days. Electronic media has amplified this attention seeking. If you spend your time attention seeking it is time that you are never going to get back. Although attention might be nice I am not sure that it is worth all that much. It does not aid liberation, quite the opposite in fact. As a commodity what does it do for your Soul? It may even harm your personality; a low self-esteem is rarely improved by needy attention seeking behaviours. Yet attention seeking is quite prevalent.

With whom do you spend your time?

At this time of year, we have a little duplicity, because we are supposed to love our families we are supposed to put on our happy face and hang out with our relatives. Underneath the surface there can be found some dread. People hang out with others, often because they are accustomed so to do. They rarely question this. We can be influenced by people we don’t like but feel we need to hang out with. There are many things we are accustomed to which serve little or no purpose other than the spending of time. It is a form of conditioning.

I have known people who want so badly to be right, that it consumes them. They spend time trying to prove that they are right, whatever that means. It can go on for months. It is a moot point as to whether the victory is worth the effort.

If you invest 5-10 minutes a day in meditation, there may be no immediate pay-off but after a few months, you will notice a difference. Such an investment is a slow burner, it does not yield immediately and what it yields may not be materially measurable.

If you want to get clarity on life, have a look at what you do with your time.

How do I use my time?

Do I spend it or invest it?

What are my priorities in life?

What am I simply accustomed to doing?