Fair or Unfair?

I’ll kick this off with a question; is the universe fair or unfair? What do you think? Personally, I don’t believe that the universe has any notion of fairness, it just is and does. It is humans who invented the terms fair and unfair, the universe is neutral we colour it emotionally. And these concepts cause suffering, to my eyes. If we have a victim mentality life is not fair {mummy}, our luck is bad and maybe God has it in for us. Fair and unfair are relatives of fault and blame. All of these are emotive. Maybe we learn “fair” at mother’s knee when we have to share our sweeties with siblings. Many with entitlement issues experience “unfair” often and things are only “fair” when they get the lion’s share.

I prefer the framing of cause and effect, because it is less emotive.

If we don’t get life on our own terms, it is unfair and inequitable, or so it seems. When I got diagnosed with the big C, it never occurred to me that it was either fair or unfair. I just got busy trying to get it cut out as quickly as possible before it spread. To wallow in this fair and unfair notion is often a waste of time. We hear this parlance of negotiation in regard of fairness a lot. There is a related pairing of advantage and disadvantage. People can whinge about someone having an unfair advantage or we could take performance enhancing drugs, for example, which would be unfair. It never occurs that if we invest millions of pounds in sport we are striving for a legal advantage, people in Namibia do not get that kind of support. This is not fair. So fair and unfair are relative terms and subject to negotiation.

Having cued this up as an exercise:

Do I ever feel that life is not fair?

Have I a bit of a victim mentality?

Does that make my life better?

Do the human notions of fair and unfair ever cause me suffering?