Getting in to Trouble

Many people are somewhat lacking in the ability and propensity for, laughing at themselves. And if you have the temerity to use satire, this can get you into trouble. In the previous clip the number of thumbs up and thumbs down is roughly equal. It split the vote. I suspect this ranking may be age related, perhaps the older more experienced gave more thumbs up; a guess I know. If you join a faction then you had better learn the rules and conform, otherwise you will get into trouble in that faction. And if you go against the faction, the weight of the faction will turn against you. You may not break the law of the land, but you have infringed a code and that is enough. Noses get out of joint and like memory foam, they remember this.

People can get into trouble in all sorts of ways. A while back I started applying for various Ph.D. places and whilst my first degree satisfies the entrance requirements, my second means that funding is not available. The administrators, being politically sensitive, were nearly all very careful if somewhat surprised that I was applying. They stuck strictly to the rules so as not to get into trouble. There is no law against my applying but it caused something of a kerfuffle. Once I realised that this was putting them in something of a tight spot, I dropped this. I could feel the wariness aback their communications, I was a hot potato.

Hot potatoes are causal of kerfuffle.

I have joked with the wife, that I should get myself locked up in prison, so that when I get out I could use the offender rehabilitation programme. I could open a basket weaving or mail sack sewing business.

If you don’t know the rules of the faction it is easy to get it wrong. And these rules do vary across factions. Using an Erudite approach in Dauntless, won’t wash. And when factions rub up against each other, the “we are right” drum is banged. The method and approach of a given faction is not universally transferable. Thus, it is still possible to be true to faction and get yourself into trouble in / with other factions.

It could be argued that by my actions I have dug myself a hole and rather than simply stopping digging I continue to dig. Many people do this, and thereby get themselves deeper in the do-do. There is always the hope that one might dig all the way through to the other side of the world.

Trouble then can depend upon context. If you don’t fully appreciate the context or wider context, it is very easy to dig for yourself a hole.

A partial antidote to kerfuffle can be found in the ability to laugh at oneself. A sense of humour failure is generative of more kerfuffle, more drama…Strangely a sense of humour aids clarity, funny that…