What do you Emanate?

Whether we like to admit it or not we all emanate a particular vibe and have a demeanour of sorts. These emanations tell of our state of being and where we are currently at, our mood. If we are conscious of our own emanations there is much to be learned. People pick up, subconsciously, on our emanations. Some are tense and fearful, other emanate anger in spades, some are sulky and petulant, others still are calm relaxed and chilled. The space cadets have a certain nebulous, nobody is at home, feel to them. And there are those who are barely awake, they have a mental sluggishness to them, almost zombie-like. When most awake in the morning it takes mind a while to warm up, one has to put a fire under the engine full of diesel on a cold winter’s morning, just to get it moving. This might be a pint or two of strong coffee. Some are all Timmy Mallet, wide awake. Some are warm and energising beings with a sparkle in their eye, which twinkles when they do that which they love. Others still are all Eeyore.

That which we emanate is a barometer of our being.

As an exercise:

What do I emanate?

What is my demeanour?

What does that say about me?

Do I have some choice over my emanations?