Time and Timescales – the moral universe

The previous quotes point at the arc of the moral universe and as a concept this was something Obama was keen on. This arc is not smooth, it oscillates back and forth, in the world of human affairs. No sooner does something happen then there is a reaction to it. We could look at the summer of love and then Gordon Gekko and the eighties. We had the lunacy of the financial crash and bubbles grow and burst all over the place, we had the dot com boom and bust. Most are engaged with the time around now and their desires therein, they may not sense the wider long-term implications, there is a quick-fix mentality. However local expediency can, and often does, come back to bite hard and deep on the ass. Nobody likes extra work and so the apparently easy and expedient is chosen. Anyone suggesting a longer-term solution finds it a very hard sell. And so, we are in band-aid world, where people look for headline grabbing quick fixes, we are constantly sticking plasters on things.

I think it fair to say, that I have a greater sense of long-tern implication than most. I can spot the way some things may pan out. By and large I keep my mouth shut these days because people have not wanted to hear. One simply has to watch the way things pan out and many but not all times, I have made fair predictions. Human nature is sometimes predictable in general direction, if not exact detail. One gets fed up of being “shot” when you bring tidings people do not like. If you like this in itself is a long-term implication of frequently shot at messenger.

I have done a whole life recapitulation, so I can see the passage of time and some of the patterns. I mapped it out with great care. This does provide an overview and the ability to see how things pan out. One can trace causal events and their subsequent sequences.

And this is where humanity is really weird. If one believes in God and/or reincarnation, then we are not being assessed on only a few weeks, we are being assessed over a lifetime. Our patterns don’t go away simply because we deny them, our misdeeds may be covered up from other humans, but not from God or karma. It would then make sense to take a longer-term approach to how we live our lives. If we always go for the expedient, we may not be doing our best. And when we stand in line outside the metaphorical Pearly Gates, the bouncers won’t let us in, because we are not on the guest list. We haven’t earned our place.

I don’t believe that there is a single religion or moral code of ethics that recommends being a greedy person or a sneaky bastard, but many people are. When ambition calls, it is so expedient to conveniently forget. That short-term gain, may not work out in the long run. To use a pecuniary analogy, our investments may not ultimately pay off in the way we imagine. Had we taken a longer-term view, things might be different. We may scoff at artefacts from history where people are buried with a chariot, money and the things needed in the after-life. But when you are immaterial (dead) material things cannot be any use to you, your fame does not keep you warm in the casket and you can’t bribe the bouncers at the Pearly Gates. As you lie there in the hospital ward with a cannula in your wrist, an oxygen tube up your nose, perhaps with a catheter in your cock, all that glory does not seem very glorious after all. Perhaps you get to review how you spent your life. Maybe you go out to the same old justifications, a fanfare of reasons. Who can say?

Sometimes the quick-fix can be very expensive indeed. It might be wise to think about the long-term implications of your actions sooner rather than later.

“the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

And this justice is not the human invention, it is the justice of the moral universe, which is an entire different thing.