The Loony Quiz

To find out if you are a loony or not tick one box in either column A or column B, for each question.


Do I get impatient often? yes no
Do I lose my rag in traffic jams? yes no
Do I feel offended quite often? yes no
Do I think “life is not fair?” often rarely
Am I prone to over reaction? yes no
If I don’t get my way do I sulk? often rarely
Do I bear grudges? yes no
Do I seek to get even? yes no
If someone does better than me, do I get upset? yes no
Do I try to pull others down to feel better about myself? yes no
Have I ever had a bout of cranio-rectal disease? often rarely
Am I special? yes no
Does nobody appreciate me? yes no
Must I always be busy? yes no
Does silence scare me? yes no
Must I always be the winner? yes no
Do I always know best? yes no
Am I always right? yes no
Do I enjoy opining upon things I don’t really know? yes no
Do I enjoy gossip and trust it? yes no
Am I impressed by the unproven opinions of others? yes no
Am I genuinely opened minded? no yes
Are people who don’t believe the same things as me? crazy sane
Is my belief system the only correct one? yes no
Is advancement better than happiness? yes no
Is kudos the be all and end all? yes no
If I win prizes / competitions does that make me feel better than? yes no
Am I a grand person or one of the little people? grand little
Do rules apply to me? no yes
Is material plane status important to me? yes no
Am I a bit of a tense motherfucker? yes no
Am I happy and at peace with the universe? no yes


Now count up the number of As and Bs.

In your best judgement are you a loony or not, what do you think?

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