Letting Go

Knuckles round knife
And cutting the slice,
Peeling and paring
The earthen skin.

Searching the puzzle
And picking apart
Easing the seems
In integral heart.

Swollen of toe
In junior school shoes,
Casting away,
The things I must lose.

Barnacle’s grip
On memory rocks
Washed by the tides,
To loosen the locks.

Time is the oil,
Of Sesame’s call
Choosing the future
Amongst potential’s all.

Taking the grey ships
Into the West.
Death of the Old,
And pains in my chest.

Left on the beach,
In seaweed embrace.
Turning away
And looking for pace.

Leaving behind,
The more that you take,
Footsteps in sand,
And thirst that won’t slake.

Melancholy’s magic,
Tempers my mood
Washes the cheeks
And deadens the food.

Waiting and watching,
For sunrise in East,
Birth of the Knew,
Is bringing its feast.

Release is elastic
And stretches the thread,
Taking the knife,
And paring it dead.

Pulling on chord,
In navel hue
Eviscerate and cleanse,
The time it is due.

Letting it go
Is hard and IT aches

Letting it go
Is sad with BUT brakes.

Letting it go
Is now and IT takes.

Letting it go
Is time and IT makes.

Letting it go,
Is free and NO fakes.

Go to the door,
Yell at the sky
Open those wings,
It is, time to fly.

Raising above,
And looking down.
How small is the past
How distant, its town.

Ginger bread houses
And icing sugar roof
The future is here
Please, give me some proof.

Letting it go
Is hard as nails.

Letting it go
Is hard as ….

Letting it go
Is hard……

Letting it go