I’ll kick this off with a question:

Behind the face-value of words are there various nuances and energies which speak of the mood they are written in and which convey the true sentiment more exactly?

In our modern times we get all sorts of messages ranging from texts, ‘phone calls, tweets, Skype calls, emails to the very occasional hand-written letter. As I have said before communication between beings is a very inexact science. Which means we both convey things poorly and perceive them differently. We can try to say one thing and the person gets the wrong end of the stick. Or we can try to occlude our true motive and the person sees through our veil. Some place a lot of value on what is actually said or written, others pay more attention to the tone, the nuances and the “energies”. It is common practice if one is tardy in responding to preface a communication with some excuse or other, for example. To some this is acceptable, they may buy it. What does it really say?

People may phrase things in a polite semi-formal manner, yet they are meaning fuck off, but I have to at least try to say this nicely, because I am leaving a paper trail.  The words are there and behind them is the fuck off, as clear as day. On occasion it is possible to sense much tension, anger and impatience. One can even get the odd whiff of, how dare you. Others reek of I am way too busy and important to even countenance this. On occasion a Freudian slip makes its way in. The image which is being attempted in portrayal, does not work because the emotion of the writer leaves a nuance or flavour in the words. It is there to be picked up on.

I could say; I am not considering this right now, I am NOT considering this right now or I am not considering this right now. By changing the emphasis, I have altered the meaning and energy. It does not require change in case, the emphasis is sometimes there as a nuance left by the writer.

There can be an assumption the recipient shares a similar thought pattern, which can go badly wrong. What may seem reasonable to one person can seem cold and arrogant to others. Something intended to explain and justify can in fact piss people off. Not everyone likes justifications, they simply aren’t wired that way. The image intended fails and badly so. Instead of coming across as reasonable it is possible to come across as a right wanker, which may be more accurate.

Behind the face value and reading between the lines we have the nuances, the shadows. If one starts to comb the shadows one begins to learn to stalk perception. In combing the shadows, one has to use feeling and not mind.  Combing the shadows opens the door to the unknown.

Having cued up Combing the Shadows, I’ll return to it later.