As Sane as a Donald

I’ll leave it up to blog readers to ascertain if I am a very stable genius or not. There are a lot of people in this world who think themselves to be clever, successful and mentally stable. The accuracy of their self-assessment may of course vary. It is a moot point as to what defines sanity. You could take the Loony Quiz I published earlier. Some are more nervous about their sanity than others, lunacy is a bit of a taboo for some. Many, including me, joke about it. If you are institutionalized, then you may consider that your institution is the very epitome of sanity. What is sane in one walk of life, is loony in others and vice versa. The whole issue of mental health scares some, this despite the fact that ~10% of the population is on medication.

I have a theory that being unable to laugh at yourself is not a good indicator for sanity. It does not bode well long term.

Having cued this up here are some questions:

Am I as sane as a Donald?

Am I a bit touchy about my own mental health?

What are the correct metrics for sanity?