After a bit of in vino veritas last night I am with this topic this morning. We had watched a film “Dough” and it was very good, the apprentice slips some weed into the dough and sales go up. Legalisation is getting more common. I haven’t touched anything illicit for ~ 17 years. There is still much say one thing and do another. A while back when I was in pastoral care, I explained to one student that the academics themselves had once been young and gone to parties, ergo it was possible that they might have inhaled. He put two and two together.

I found something on the web which had a surprising impact on me it was this:

“Honesty is the highest form of intimacy.”

It is pretty simple, and it rings true. The problem is that most have great difficulty being honest and being real. Which means that intimacy is lacking. One could say that honesty is a weakness but what it does is it stops the fears from mounting and escalating. If one is honest there are few if any secrets, dirty little or otherwise. One does not fear the veneer cracking and the truth slipping out.

Honesty however does not win you friends, all that often. This is because many do not like it, it interferes with manipulation and pierces the veneer. We could say that a tincture of honesty is one of the antidotes of fear. Like all medicine it is not to everyone’s taste. There is a lot of closeted behaviour and hanging out with skeletons can’t be that much fun.

People can find openness and honesty shocking. Perhaps I have been a country bumpkin for too long and no longer have the sophisticated ways of city folk. I am not fearful of being found out, though. Most people cannot even be honest with themselves, which is a bit of a shame.