Touchy Subjects

Many of us have touchy subjects, things that make us tense or which we avoid altogether. I alluded to mental health previously. These touchy subjects may be due to a host of different causes. They could be an emotional scar, something we are embarrassed about, something which is taboo, our crushes, our sexuality or our belief system. Usually they are about something unresolved in us. This might mean a fear, an anger or a resentment. They are buttons which if pressed can send us nuclear. The tendency to lose the plot at the pressing of a button is high.

The fewer touchy subject buttons you have, the freer you are.

Otherwise we can become encircled by a minefield of touchy subjects and a carpet of eggshells. And unless you are Kwai Chang Caine you cannot walk the rice-paper without leaving a trace. These touchy subjects are indicators of work to be done. They can be wonderful fonts of creativity leading to artistic expression, a kind of muse. Or they can simply be the bars of our cage. Expressing the emotional detritus around a touchy subject is healing, best not to point it directly at anyone, the ether will do.

The thing about touchy subjects is that they do not heal by themselves. We may get scar tissue with time, but the sensitivity remains. One has to try to resolve them, in order to be free.

Touchy subjects point at our unresolved challenges in life, some of these are of a karmic nature. Having cued up unresolved challenges, I’ll return to it tomorrow.