Bank Money Dream

I am in Switzerland, it is getting near Christmas. It is an office setting. There are decorations. I get a letter from a bank in Germany. It is brought to me by a young Swiss secretary woman. The letter says that one of the accounts I used to use is linked to a bank in Germany, and an account there. They are chasing up who owns the account. The German account receives an interest of 750,000 monthly. We decide that we should send the details of my Swiss bank account to the German bank, so that they can transfer the money across if it makes sense so to do. The secretary is going to write a letter in German for me, the following morning.

I am sleeping above the office and during the night some people who have been out on the lash, come in and knock all the decorations over, including the big tree. They are clearly very drunk and don’t know what they are doing.

In the morning I go back to the secretary and she suggests that it would be better if her senior colleague, the General Secretary{GS} writes the letter. {Many Swiss companies have an often formidable woman who basically runs the show, the GS is one of these.} The GS suggests that I need to bring in my passport and proof of residence for her to copy. She thinks it likely that given the interest payments there is way in excess of 10,000,000 in the account.

The German bank is and offshoot of BMW. We joke about how unlikely it is that there is a bank error in my favour. She says that maybe I should tell the bank that I am a pacifist and that this might encourage them to think charitably. She says that it looks as though I have a claim on the money.  I say that I would not want to be “bumped off” about the money and that scientists can be hard to kill, in any case.

Dream ends