I have been looking for a word that describes today and the times around now, and it came up in the newspapers regarding May’s cabinet reshuffle. It was underwhelming. That is the problem with too much brain-mind, too much risk averse thinking, it very quickly bores one to death. There is not much spirit, just a whole bunch of arguing the toss and political infighting. The endless rolling out of template-thinking, the sheer repetition of system and having to walk on egg shells around prima donnas; is so very tiring and stultifying. The machine rolls on and it doesn’t go anywhere but it simply must roll on. Of course, we are still under the heavy fog of Brexit ennui. The walking dead, walk on.

To my mind in relatively recent times there have been two highlights in world history, where spirit rose. And these were when Greece rallied against austerity and when Catalonia aimed at nation-hood. There was some spirit then. But the machine rolled. These two events captured my imagination and for once I was actually keen to read the news. It gave me some hope for wider humanity.

That fucking machine, how it rolls. It squashes any temerity and crumples novelty. The music industry in the UK is at its creative lowest ebb, manufacturing clone varieties. There is so much sameness in all spheres of life. One has to be PR acceptable and thereby bland. We may win prizes, but any controversy is an anathema. The slick corporate nothing-ness pervades, where statements sound nice but mean fuck all. The machine must roll, all hail the machine. We must obey its spreadsheets and conform to its systems. That is the way we do things around here, don’t you know.

This means that leadership is next to impossible, management in a machine context is possible. There are too many chiefs, rather ego-inflated fiefdom builders. The wider good is ignored for personal gain. Everyone bickers and argues for the advancement of fief. It does not matter if the whole goes to pot, so long as the personal fief appears to thrive. In the fullness of time, therein lies ruin.

Concrete brain-mind wants to make sense, to be sensible and reasonable. It tends to grey and sets rock hard. Concrete very rarely lifts the soul and raises the spirit. It is underwhelming. There is no spark. There is an absence of heart.