We each of us emanate into the web of life, what we emanate can come back like a boomerang. It is therefore wise to be mindful and in control of our emanations. The more emotionally charged our emanations are, the more harmful the effect. In the 21st century the idea of ritual magic, is perhaps antiquated. But this is not so, there are many a would-be Harry, Draco or Hermione out there. I saw a young girl with a broomstick and a wand in the coffee shop the other day. One does not need ritual instruments to emanate. When we are pissed off in a traffic jam we are emanating bad shit into the web of life.  When someone angers us, we send bile and poison at them in our mind. All of us have projected anger at some stage or another, the degree may vary.

It is best to be as harmless as one can be. If one finds anything nasty brewing in oneself, dissolve it do not project it.  Neutrality is safest of all. To achieve harmlessness, one has to learn not to react. This is the beginning is of self-control. If our self-importance is pricked, there is a tendency to emit self-righteous indignation, there is a whole bunch of this in the web of life, already. There is also a whole load of intrigue. Harmlessness is not adding to the emotional toxins already existing. The idea is to take responsibility for what we emit and emanate. The planet does not need more pollution.

Having cued this up as an exercise:

Keep a look out for what you are emanating into the web of life. If it is of a dark shade, try to limit the ardour of it. Even better dissolve anything nasty brewing before it gets near the point of emanation.