What’s the Sketch?

I have been trying to sense what the Dao is suggesting to me. It might be saying to simply stop trying anything. Now a part of the problem is that if I do or try anything, people will then ask around; “what’s the sketch with this guy?” This causes some consternation, insofar as I can feel. I have no proof that this is what is happening, but this is what my INFJ antennae say. Nobody asks me what the sketch is, they ask others. Bearing in mind that few people have had anything much to do with me for over a decade, I doubt that any actually have much of an idea. Unless you share time with someone you really can’t say anything meaningful about them and currency of experience is more reliable than some stuff from way back.

The only way to stop this happening is to not set it in motion.

When I was back in pastoral care, the very first thing you do if you want to find out what is going on for / with someone is ask them. It is very unusual to ask the milkman or some bloke down the pub.

I am guessing that the sketch shared is not the sort of sketch that encourages asking me. It is all a bit sketchy. There is no chance of a casual encounter whereby someone “accidentally” bumps into me. If people wanted to know they would actually have to make an effort to ask. Or they could try to rely on what I am writing here, which is pretty fluid.

I don’t know what the sketch is elsewhere, but I feel this “what’s the sketch with this guy?” theme.