Crush and Destroy

Rhetoric can be bandied about and now thanks to Twitter it happens a lot. It is not an uncommon thought, sometimes verbalized, that we might “crush and destroy” someone, some country, or whatever. If we are a powerful person we might say that we want someone else crushed and destroyed or that they should never be able to work in Tinsel Town again. This kind of theme can be found in the movies. The powerful seek to “crush and destroy” any opponent. They will go to inordinate lengths to get the bastard they are after. In the movies the bastard can become the heroic protagonist. “I will smite thee down with great vengeance” might be the sort of cool thing you say to a motherfucker before you pop a cap in his ass.

As a rule of thumb people are cautious about the people they share their “crush and destroy” sentiments with, though sometimes if they are extroverted, it leaks out into wider circulation. The apparently most genteel person can harbour this kind of sentiment, others are naturally full of bluster.

This bellicose and vengeful attitude is here on our planet, now.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever sought vengeance?

Did I enact?

What were the outcomes both short and long-term?