What Next

I have started looking around for what to do next.

On the local jobs board, I could apply to be a Yodel delivery driver, though I might have to practise my eastern European accent a bit.

On Friday I had a nice long chat with the man who came to fix the Rayburn. He gets to go to people’s houses and service their stoves; oil, gas and electrical. He drives there, spends an hour or so and then drives to his next job.

I guess one needs some training to do this. I have helped plumb in a MOCVD reactor with hydrogen, arsine and phosphine gas lines, so I should be OK as a started for ten, in handling this kind of thing. Methane isn’t as bad as arsine. I have an understanding of how compression fittings work and have wired in three phase supplies, previously. I’ll shall have to have a look locally for courses.

I could see myself doing this.

The other thing that appealed was being a BT engineer, though I am not so sure I would want to be up poles in all weathers.

Or I could look around at master’s courses, but they probably won’t start until autumn.