That Which We May Later Need

I’ll hazard a guess that many have things in life which they take for granted, this could be relationships, a job, health or what the future may hold. Whatever it is, it will always be on tap, there at our beck and call. As life progresses we are each of us are shown that these grants are not perennial, sometimes they are withdrawn. We may have miscalculated. We can behave like arseholes assuming that another will suck it up, we can assume that we are somehow irresistible or that we have all the time in the world to get around to something. Whether consciously or not we are making choices, all the time.

This taken for granted motif is very common in comfortable western society. When the electricity goes off we complain, if we have to wait at hospital for an operation we are irate. So much is taken for granted. There is a lot of short-term thinking, in which we deal with the convenient, do the expedient and, as a consequence, we can take our eyes off what is really important to us. We may lose or destroy, that which we may later need. The western world as a whole has entitlement issues. It believes that it is entitled to behave just as it damn well pleases, in our magnificence we shall be granted that which we deem ourselves owed. And that which we are owed better tip up pretty damn quick as and when we demand it.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever lost or destroyed something which I later needed?

Am I prone to taking things for granted?

If so, who or what makes these grants?