Selective Perception and Supposition

It is not uncommon for people to imagine things very different from how they actually are. For example, the notion of cancer patient rarely conjures up a hairy fifteen stone guy with a full head of hair and still in possession of most of his own teeth. And the idea of quantum mechanics does not sit so well with a working beef farm. In the two clips previous, nothing has been faked or photoshopped. It is just like this. There is a big stack of patents and papers just behind me and outside I wait for Mr Pheasant the chicken fancier to make an appearance as he does usually, at this time of day.

The written word can easily be subject to selective perception. My speaking voice is as it is in the clip and I am nearly always calm, so if anything else is imagined, imagined it is. People will select from a whole bunch of perceptions and fit them to / with their suppositions. Many selective perceptions are so wide of the mark. Unless you have current personal experience of someone, chances are your perceptions are out of date and inaccurate. Once you have fallen off the cliff of selective perception, there can be no going back.

People make all sorts of shit up. It is weird but true.