Cranio-rectal Disease

Yah…this is exactly the kind of thing that makes my blood boil.

There are some who are so smug, self-satisfied and pompous that they are blind. On the one hand they are politically correct by saying how terrible it was that we treated queers so badly and on the other hand being prejudiced about their quirky views. It is fucked up…The judges who ordered the castration probably went to private boarding school where mutual masturbation and the occasional bit of sodomy, is not unheard of. Hypocrisy?

It is a classic example of full-blown cranio-rectal disease, which is amazingly prevalent. This kind of we know best, our club is super-duper and yours is shit, pervades. Unless you are Kool and the gang, you are excluded and have the finger pointed at you; “Oooh look at the whacko..” “He is so weird, not right on message like us!”  “Quick we had better call on Tomás de Torquemada to make sure no more heresies are uttered even by the already excommunicated.”

It really makes me want to go on the warpath, this kind of shit. It is the worst side of the “intelligentsia”; snobby, stuck up and lacking self-awareness. These people are allegedly intelligent.. fuck me…blind.. blind, blind…

But they know best….what a world we live in..