Lies and Karma

Yesterday I used the analogy of “being sold a pup” and “a dog is for life and not just for Christmas” to open up this topic. Lies can have very dramatic effect on the flow of events in life and many of them are by way of a ticking time bomb. The effects are two-fold in the first instance, they are on the purveyor and the purchaser. For lies do have to be sold and bought. Secondly lies ripple out from the source, they can impact many lives. Depending on the circumstance and nature of the lie, the effects can be very wide ranging indeed. Some lies do have the potential to explode and messily so. Some are nuclear and there can be a great deal of fallout. The longer a lie is left to fester and grow, the bigger the impact it can have. A lie nipped in the bud, generally causes less harm than one which grows, for lies often need to be propped up by more lies, there is a snowball effect.

I think it fair to say that lying never breeds goodwill in the long-term. A lie may get you power, but they do not bring peace or happiness. Some people can live a lie and with a lie for decades. It taints their lives, both on the side of the seller and the buyer. There is always the possibility of being found out, and this creates tension and edginess. And should the buyer find out, they may be very unhappy indeed. If you have made a business decision on the basis of lies told and it costs you hundreds of millions of dollars, it is unlikely that you will be a happy bunny. The truth isn’t elastic, it can’t be stretched all that much before it snaps.

Lies breed mistrust and this creates an atmosphere, unpleasant in nature. And when trust is lost it cannot be restored fully, it lingers. Many lies come back to haunt or bite in the ass, we have the weapons of mass destruction lie. There were none, but the lie itself caused mass destruction, literally. And this haunts the tellers and promoters of that lie, to this day. It was for life and not just for Christmas. There is always some belief that you can get away with it and whilst the lie may remain undiscovered by fellow humans all the way to the grave, it colours life and changes the quality of it. Although one might hoodwink humans, one can’t hoodwink karma. All causes have effects. The longer a lie is left to stand and grow, the bigger the karmic effect. It takes a lot of courage to undo a lie and most are lacking this courage. And if you convolve others in a lie, they too are forced to prop it up, because they would prefer to do this over looking foolish and gullible. People do not like having their judgement questioned even when it has not been sound.

Quite why people lie varies. It can be through ambition, for some gain, or to impress. It can be to cover something dodgy one is doing. It can be to exact revenge by defamation and rumour. It can be to avoid hurting someone, though the pain can be made worse by such “charitable” action. And there is military deception which is a tactic of warfare. By the time one is at war there isn’t any goodwill left, so that is not at risk. Some lie, because they like playing games and it gives them a buzz, some excitement in an otherwise dreary life. Others lie because they cannot yet face the truth. Self-deception is the most common form of lie, we may not be able to face the truth about our situation or relationship. The Jeremy Kyle show is full of lies coming home to roost.

The karma of lies has their viral properties inherent. Lies tend to spread and mutate. Most of all they infect and cause dis-ease. Something is off and at one level we all sense this. And once the infection has taken hold it can be very difficult to shift. Lies are like a viral time bomb that can blow up in the lives of both the seller and the buyer, from which there can be much fallout.

Lies are never for the benefit of all sentient beings, they are selfish, often arrogant and cause separation. They are a debt which accrues interest at the bank of karma. Sooner of later karma sends the bailiffs round.