Being Adamant

This tendency to be adamant about things, is another way of saying rigid and inflexible. It is also related to closed-mindedness, and wanting life to obey your terms. It can mean insisting that your will be done. Being adamant can produce a whole bunch of drama, a saga, a catastrophe even. It is related to “The Age of Goats” I wrote about earlier. People are sure, even when they haven’t researched or explored something, they are then adamant in that ill-founded surety. People have “red lines” or so they say. They may have a set of criteria for an ideal mate and then wonder why they are lonely. Being adamant can be truculent posturing. It is very difficult for an adamant being to learn anything new. And when whatever it is they are adamant about falls short of reality, they can get all upset and sulk. They remain adamant that they are right and can feel victimized when the world at large does not comply with their adamantine view.

If your corporeal observational instrument is swamped with noise and has poor signal to noise ratio, because of incessant internal dialogue, then the data used for making an adamant stance is off and unreliable. When one is less adamant about the degree of omniscience one possesses, one can explore and learn. Otherwise one juts out one’s chin and remains adamant for ever.

This adamant rigidity is a cause of conflict, both in geo-politics and in the home. It is a bit silly and is often about a battle of wills. Strangely we do leave the nursery and the sandpit as we get older, but many carry the same toddler mentality forward. People draw a red line which they are adamant about and will trash many things as a result, rather than erase the red line in the sand. Relationships can fail over whether the toilet seat is raised or lowered, this face value is not the actual cause, rather the friction between two adamant wills, which descends into farce.

Being adamant often goes hand in hand with making demands. And until such time that the demands are met, things get stuck and escalate. Failure to be interested in or appreciate where another being, or beings are coming from is symptom of adamant behaviour. It is very often highly self-centred.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever destroyed something by being adamant?

When my demands were not met did I escalate?

Do I care where other beings are coming from?

Maybe I might need a bottle of chill pills in order to get real?