The Corporeal Observational Instrument

The noise inherent in our corporeal observational instrument is determined by a number of factors, primary amongst these is our internal dialogue and our biases. The more internal dialogue we have the more synapse firing occurs, all the time, we have a high dark current. If we cool our minds down by developing our mindfulness and heading towards a zen state, there is less dark current, which means that we can observe things better and with enhanced dynamic range. Most minds are “hot”, always firing. Indeed, there is a saying hot-headed. Hot-headed people do not think clearly.

The way the brain-current flows is dependent upon the applied bias. Things start firing at lower temperature when there is a bias, if something confirms our bias we get all excited.

A really quiet mind could be metaphorically at liquid Helium temperatures ~4K. That is not really practical, we could however have our own Peltier cooler, which we can switch on as and when.  It is called meditation, the practise of which cools the mind and reduces the dark current. If we can’t turn off our corporeal observational instrument, then we do not understand its workings all that much. No matter how clever we are, if we can’t turn off our mind, we are not in control of it. Maybe we should call in an engineer or read some manuals?