How Well Do You Know Someone?

In the blog it may have come across that I am not a great fan of assumption and supposition, this is true. Neither am I a fan of using what “they” say as an inviolable source of reference. Nevertheless, all of these are common methods of building a story about someone. We form opinions based on shitty data. Further the internet, bless its unfailing accuracy, isn’t all that reliable. I’ll hypothesise that we don’t know people as well as we think we do. They may add to this by hiding behind a façade of unreliable shininess. I was talking with God the other day and he said that the planetary number count of angels is on the extremely low side, and that superheroes are actually fictional. Well that told me!

Now we may think we know who or what we are dealing with and be so far off the mark. We could stumble across the blog of someone we thought we knew and in stalking them and spying on them, find out a whole different side to them we hadn’t imagined. If they were aware that we might be stalking them, they might start to mess with us. What to believe? I know, let’s ask “they”, they will know, they always do. We are back to square one.

The only way to get to know someone well is to spend a lot of time with them and in a variety of circumstances. That way you have personal experience. Even so, they may still surprise us by doing something we hadn’t considered them capable of. One of the people who came to see me in a pastoral care role told me that they could not see how this boring git, who lectured chemical kinetics, could be any use. That is until we got talking. As it turned out I was helpful, and we have had a good laugh about this, subsequently. This is a minor example. But I’ll guess we have all had a few surprises in respect of the behaviours of others, some pleasant some less so.

I am a fan of finding out, but that takes time.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever been convinced that I knew someone only to be proven wrong?

If so, does that suggest that my convictions generally are not as sound as they seem?

Might this warn me about premature conclusion and pre-judging?

Is there anything in this world as reliable as direct, current, personal experience?