Martian ‘flu

Day 15 in the Martian flu house and still hordes of little green men continue to stream forth out of my nose. This clearly is an attempt to take over planet earth and stop all the “good” work at Davos.

Been to see the G.P. and it was like the Marie Celeste down there. One of the GPs was sick, the dispensary closed and the waiting room pretty empty. The GP thought she could possibly hear some infection in my chest so has prescribed some oral antibiotics. These are starting to kick in which means that if any of the green bastards have gotten into my lungs, they should be in for a rough time.The pharmacokinetics shown below feel about right and I am due another capsule of joy  soon.

This is getting a tad boring and the tissue box count continues to rise…Maybe I should call Santa and ask him for a job pulling sleighs so that Rudolph can have a sabbatical?