A Natural Ending?

This flu malarkey has been going on for a long time now and whilst the antibiotics have pretty much fixed the chest they still wipe me out. About an hour after each capsule, I have to crash out as it comes up. I have just ironed the wife’s gi for aikido tonight and it doesn’t look like I have the energy to go myself. I am wondering about the energetics of this blog and a whole bunch of other stuff.

This chapter, this phase started last May when I started looking into maybe doing a start-up. The feeling remains that if one tries to rise from the dead, so to speak, it causes consternation. And it has caused a lot, for two “reasons”; first of all, someone with my history isn’t supposed to do a Reggie Perrin and secondly the dead are supposed to stay dead. This whole thing seems like a kind of extended hangover, energetically. It might therefore be better to dematerialize again. If one says things that people don’t want to hear there is always an energetic backlash. Ergo it is better to simply shut the fuck up. Once the jungle drums start beating, they beat long into the night.

There is no complete natural ending, but I might close this bit off by vanishing the blog and simply letting the hoo-ha die down. That would create a vacuum and after a month or so of quiet things would have calmed down energetically. I could surrender the domain name and the others I bought last summer. Into the vacuum, the space, something new might appear.

I can’t really create a false identity though I could change my name by deed poll. But there is no way around people checking your material plane history and I am not going to invent some cover story, because that would be lying.

Why does there always have to be hoo-ha?