There is tendency if you are driving along a motorway and there has been a crash on the other side of the road, for people to slow down because they are somehow fascinated by what may have happened. They cannot resist the urge to rubber-neck, as the saying goes. Travelling thus one cannot help those in the accident, neither can people resist looking and talking about what they may or may not have seen. That conversation may go past the fellow occupants of the car and to others. People are basically nosey and as a rule find it very hard to mind their own business. They can become fascinated by the weird, the strange and the exotic. There is nothing quite like a “tragedy” to get the tongues wagging. Quite why this is, I do not know. People do like distractions, this much is true.

To suggest to people that snooping and stalking, coupled with gossiping, is not wise, is to talk to a brick wall. This is because many are so very accustomed to it, fascinated by it. They cannot see the damage that this does to the web of life, nor the nasty emanations it generates therein. It is like crack cocaine.

Things done with a salacious motive, rarely end well, even if the degree of salaciousness is small. It is a bad habit, somehow it is bit more exciting than the news from Davos or Brussels.

There are a number of people who are reading this blog like grown-ups. They have “followed” or “liked”. This lets me know they are there. This is safe and adult. They, are not hiding like pervs behind net curtains, spying on a neighbour getting undressed or having sex.

Whether you accept this or not, the warrior’s path is strange, and it needs approached with care and respect. Failure to do this can cause problems, beyond your ken. It can even send you crazy.