Not Until Hell Freezes Over

There is a classic piece of human folly which I shall call “Not Until Hell Freezes Over”. It pertains to many things. I suspect that from time to time we have all behaved like a right dickhead, an utter bastard, a lying swine, a two-faced slime, a cheat, an obnoxious know-it-all, a manipulative so and so, a ranting lunatic, a slag or a tongue wagging gossip; to a greater or lesser extent. {I have over egged slightly} Which raises the question what do we do, should we even notice? The problem is one of face. We could attempt an apology promptly before things get out of hand or we could think “Not Until Hell Freezes Over”, especially if we think that we are the wronged one. And it, the situation, gets ever increasingly out of hand. Waiting around for hell to freeze is a bit futile. What we then have is a burr of bitterness that grows and acidifies with time. We may in time feel ashamed and have regrets. But should we do, we summon up our feelings of indignation to bat them away, Not Until Hell Freezes Over will I give him / her the satisfaction!!

If we are somewhat obsessed with “being right”, whatever that means, and slowly it dawns on us we find it difficult to admit we are “wrong” even to ourselves and most especially to others. Not Until Hell Freezes Over will I ever do that!!

Do you get the idea?

Have cued this up:

Do I recognise this “Not Until Hell Freezes Over” motif in myself?

Ultimately who does it harm?

What purpose does it serve?