Are You a User, Have You Been Used?

Do you recognise this sub-set of our species, the user? This is the kind of person who sequentially uses and exploits other people. Once they have been sucked dry of “blood” the user looks for the next person who will help them in the furtherance of their ambition. Around them the mood is rarely pleasant or joyous. There can be a lot of emotional manipulation, everything is dandy so long as they are getting their way. But woe betide those who do not comply exactly. The users are prone to divide and rule, they toady up to those with more power than them and exploit those with less, there is always some kind of bargain, which somehow is never honoured their end. They may “promise” to help you further but that promise comes at a price and their end of the bargain remains un-delivered especially after you have served your purpose.

The Tibetan says:

The dark brother recognizes no unity with his species, only seeing in them people to be exploited for the furtherance of his own ends. This then, on a small scale, is the mark of those who are being used by them wittingly or unwittingly. They respect no person, they regard all men as fair prey, they use everyone to get their own way enforced, and by fair means or foul they seek to break down all opposition and for the personal self, acquire that which they desire.

These people, the users, are on the dark side of life. Fear and anger, follow them like the shadow follows the form. They are skilled in setting hooks, and once the hook is set it can be difficult to extract because of the barb. Never do you leave their company feeling joyous and uplifted, more often you leave belittled and on edge. Before long you are deflated and drained. Their appetite can be voracious. That promise made by them lies in tatters, for its fulfilment was never intended, it was merely a means to an end. Persuasive they are, and they use your fears, your ambitions as levers in their persuasion. Before long you have no idea what you once stood for. They draw you into their shadow so that you forget what light looks like. They eat away at your courage and your joy. They leave you a shell, bled dry.

If you find yourself with one of these, best to get out of Dodge quick-time. Their influence can be hard to exorcise, because of the hooks. And unless you wish to remain on the dark-side of life until the end of the Kalpa, the aeon, step away and learn from the experience. Most of all they will keep you away from any light being who might help you. They will drive a wedge between you and them. In time you will see the light being as your mortal enemy, too.

Those who play with fire can get burned and badly so.