Difficulty Accepting Things?

Earlier today I wrote about some people being users of others hinting that they were somewhat vampiric in nature. This was metaphorical as they don’t actually bite your neck. They do however drain and use other people. Although I can say that such people exist, until you have personal experience you might imagine that I am being overly dramatic. And even after that, you may have difficulty accepting that this is what has happened, you have allowed yourself to be drained of your fundamental goodness. You may deny it, refusing to accept that you have been foolish and allowed yourself to be taken advantage of. It is all a part of life’s rich tapestry and each of must learn in our own way. We can only accept things when we are ready to and not before. I might cue this up as a concept, and then maybe some time in the distant future you might go; “so that was what that weird bloke on the internet was talking about”.

To talk about the dark side of human nature, is to risk Star Wars references. But some people are much more “dark” than others. There are some right nasty pieces of work out there in the world. We may not wish to acknowledge it, especially if they happen to be amongst our acquaintances and colleagues. We may not wish to accept our own “dark” nature.

It is really up to each individual to acquire their own wisdom and learn to discern as life teaches us. Practical experiences are always more convincing than any theory. The problem is that many of us, because we have difficulty accepting things, seek out the same lessons over and over. Perhaps we are sometimes more than a little thick and blind.

If we don’t accept a lesson life is trying to teach us, we are bound to repeat until the penny drops.

Having cued this up;

Have I ever fallen into the same trap over and over?

What did I fail to accept from the lesson life was trying to teach me?

Do I have difficulty accepting the things I would prefer not to see or learn?