A Broader Perspective

I have just gone and outed myself a little more. The idea is to give a broader perspective. What with all I have been saying here I may have come across as a bit of a whacko. So here is some evidence, for those who need such things, that at least once upon a time, I was a kosher scientist.

Unlike Dr Castaneda, I have more than a few science publications. I can do science, albeit not as well as I used to. I think it fair to say, that I still have a grasp of these things, not top end, but a grasp nevertheless.

Perhaps what I am getting at is this idea of Renaissance, of rebirth, when we stop striving so hard to be unidimensional beings…Because in so doing we skew ourselves in one direction, only.

Maybe we all need a broader perspective, a more inclusive one. Where scientists are not egg-heads in lab coats and artists are not cheroot smoking beret wearers; where philosophers do not simply stroke their beards mysteriously and where monks do not sit inscrutable for fear of losing composure.

Maybe, we need to try to understand each other a little better, rather than pointing fingers?

Do you know what, we all have one thing in common? We all need to take a shit from time to time, no matter how pompous we are in other spheres of our life.

It is a strange world we live in….

Yet we share this despite all our fuss and pretensions to the contrary.

Are we so very different, you and I? Are we?