Every Epoch Has Its Battles.

And in this one, the battle is with concrete mind. Not a lot can be done against this pervasive thing. One can but hope that maybe the soft whispers of the heart erode those bastions.

Our world, gets ever more barren, under the relentless onslaught of “reason”. Before long it will be parched and dry, not a drop of water. The world will become strangled with bytes, suffocated by the python of all that stuff, squeezing. How it chokes and saps. How surreptitiously it beckons, and before long we are bled by it. We become a sheath, an empty thing, by all this thinking.

We are so clever and so very stupid.

The spirit dies, mortally wounded, by the lances of justification and explanation. Its blood seeps into the sand of our self-importance. We are so fucking clever that we have pierced it, run it through. And now its lies twitching in the sand, forsaken, forgotten and explained.

The battle of our current times, is that battle against our cleverness. One which we must first lose, because only then might we see how badly our cleverness has served us. In fact, it was always our master. And to serve such a master, is not so good. But we are clever, so we cannot possibly be a slave to our own cleverness. Discuss.

Thank God for that, I can sleep well tonight knowing I am secure in our wonderful cleverness.

Now that we humans, know it all, I can go to my pillow tonight without fear or doubt. We have it sussed and the world is just dandy, thereby.